Special Note on Residential Landlord Insurance

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It is inevitable that the role of being a landlord comes with some elements of risk. This is precisely why it makes sense to consider taking out a landlord’s insurance policy. Landlords building insurance helps protect against issues connected to the building and contents of the property and landlord property insurance may be a requirement for mortgage purposes in buy to let property circumstances.

Note that a standard home insurance building and contents policy will fall short of providing proper, adequate cover because being a landlord will necessitate more specific protection for you as a landlord because you will not be living in the property. Putting in place landlords buildings insurance is likely to be required to meet mortgage conditions while landlord property insurance will be pay off in the event of a claim made should you need to replace or repair your property’s contents. Learn more about them at residential landlord insurance .


It is interesting to note the most common types of landlord insurance claims are as follows.

-Water damage claims

-Accidental contents damage

-Storm damage

-Malicious damage

Each of the above areas needs to be addressed if these are potential, or likely, higher risk where your property is located. While for each one of these, steps taken to minimise the incidence of their occurrence, where possible, should be undertaken to help minimise the unpleasantness and life affecting circumstance they can inflict. With this in mind it is worth checking regularly and reviewing the landlord insurance policy that you have actually does provide you with the necessary cover that you require. Making a list of what you need to be covered. Conducting some research isn’t that difficult these days. There is a wealth of information online that is easily obtained by simply typing a few selective choice terms into a search engine such as Google and simply exploring the returned results.

Another method is to get in touch with one of the many insurance providers providing policies in this area and giving them a phone call simply asking advice or for a consultation to be arranged to discuss your requirements. But a word of advice, do shop around on price as each insurance provider definitely does vary in what they charge. It really can be as simple as just a few hours of comparing prices that can reward you with substantial savings. Importantly, it is essential not to forget to focus on the most important detail and that is on getting the cover you require and don’t forget to request legal expenses cover to be included for which the insurers will reimburse such costs.

Comprehensive landlords insurance policy coverage is useful to have because it is designed to provide cover for all types of situation except where there are specific exclusions made. In contrast Peril policy coverage has limited scope that is defined to the types of things that will be covered.

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